About Event Registration


Event Registration allows departments and groups on campus to do electronic registration for events they host. Registrations are open to anyone who can log in via an NDSU Electronic ID, which is everyone at NDSU. To start using Event Registration in your department, please contact the IT Help Desk.


  • Manage registration for a single event
  • Once capacity is reached, an optional wait list is available
  • Registrants receive notification message in form of calendar entry
  • Event managers can see and download list of registrants
  • Event managers can send email to all registrants
  • Updates to the event time, location, and/or cancellation are sent to registrants via calendar entry
  • Event managers can unregister individual registrants
  • Registrations can be limited to those that know the shared registration key


  • Registration gathers name and email of those registering; no capability to request additional information at time of registration
  • No support for images in event description
  • No support for multi-day events
  • No support for repeated events; an event offering is created allowing for easy copy and paste of event descriptions