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This web site provides NDSU students, faculty, and staff with a web form for reporting acts of bias, bigotry, or hate that occur at NDSU. Hard copies of this reporting form are also available at Bison Connection in the Memorial Union, outside 201 Old Main, and in the Main Library.

If you or someone you know is in an emergency situation that requires or could require medical, psychological or police services, please call 911 or the NDSU Police at 701-231-8998.

Use this Web form to report an act of bias, bigotry, or hate.

NDSU Equal Opportunity Policy

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Bias Report Confidentiality Statement

Responses submitted on this form are encrypted and sent to a secure server to insure the anonymity of users.

Only NDSU constituents may use this reporting system. It requires users to logon with a valid NDSU user ID and password. NDSU staff who read reports generated by this system do not have access to user ID information so these reports are completely anonymous to these staff (unless the reporter chooses to provide optional contact information at the end of the report form). If a report indicates or implies that the user or someone else is in danger, however, the report will be turned over to appropriate NDSU computer and security personnel who do have access to the User ID of each report, and User ID's can be used to identify individuals who submit reports; reports may also be turned over to relevant authorities if deemed appropriate under other circumstances. The reports may also be subject to subpoenas and the North Dakota Open Records law. NDSU understands one wanting to remain anonymous. While it's possible for the user's identity to remain anonymous, NDSU can't guarantee absolute confidentiality of the report itself. As a state agency, NDSU is subject to open records requirements and reports may have to be disclosed pursuant to an open records request.

If you are not comfortable using the electronic reporting form, hard copies are available at Bison Connection in the Memorial Union, outside 201 Old Main or in the main Library.

Please e-mail if you have questions or comments about this site.

For more information, contact: Vice Provost for Faculty and Equity

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